Monday, December 15, 2014

Carpenter & Cook

Sometimes I do like to take buses; long journeys in a just-right celsius offer a great time to people-watch while getting to your destination. At other times, I'm thankful to have gotten off my lazy ass to earn my driver's license midway through the year. Can you imagine taking a train, changing to a bus, then walking through blocks and blocks only to find that the café you're heading to is actually not open? Just a heads up here for the interested - Necessary Provisions will be closed till the 23rd of the month.

With no other cafés in mind to spend the afternoon, we opted to go to the nearby Carpenter & Cook, an old favourite along Lorong Kilat. I like to think that C&C is a great name; it embodies the specialties of the café that prestiges itself over its furnishings and its food. The pastries and quiches are delish and the place is off the wall and full of quirky furniture, which may be purchased if it catches your eye.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ground Up

If you recall, not too long ago I crossed the borders on a summery Sunday and visited what would turn out to be my all-time preferred café - Bev C. As it turns out, they have expanded since then, turning their office space into an extended sitting area fit for bigger get-togethers and comfortable sprawls. Since we had reason to go over to Johor Bahru once again for general pampering over the weekend, we automatically found reason to head over to the Bev C Café again. 

The café does not disappoint; it was our second time here and while trying out other stuff on the menu we now have a new favourite drink - the rose latte, along with the in-house special espresso. The coffee makers are the same folk; they were as friendly, as well-dressed and as skilled as usual. And just like always, we left in a haste to avoid long and possibly unending custom queues, the only difference being that this time we had ditched the car for the faster public bus. Unfortunately we still got caught in a waitathon because the factory buses had jammed up the bus queue, so we ended up with a 2 hour long waiting game at the both the Malaysian and Singapore customs. At least it was better than our first time here - we had spent 2 hours in the vehicle queue with a broken air conditioning unit on an exceptionally hot evening. Even so, Bev C remains on the top of my must-revisit lists, I'll definitely be back again, come what may for the journey home.